Meet Our Team

Your Hosts:  Jan and Bonny Vat



Desiree has worked at Tranquility Guest House for the past 15 years, first assisting her parents, Ron and Gill Taskes, and then agreeing to stay on as manager.  Desiree loves Tranquility and loves to serve each and every person walking through its doors.  Tranquility has brought much joy to her life.


Noluthando, affectionately known as “Thando” has been a part of the Tranquility team since 2006.  She is a faithful, loyal, honest and hardworking lady.  Thando is responsible for all of the clean and beautifully ironed laundry and lends a helping hand with the cleaning when extra help is needed.  Thando is a mother of 2 children and has 3 grandchildren (Ayakola, Kwe-Kwe and Indy) all living in the Eastern Cape.


Knowledge has only recently joined the Tranquility team. She is Memory’s sister who worked at tranquility for many years.  A quiet and gentle spirit, Knowledge is exceptionally good at making your rooms look as beautiful as they are.  She is a mother of 3, her oldest a 10-year old boy named Benjamin, a little girl of 4 named Mercy and the youngest, a newborn baby boy only 4-months old named Xavi.


Jacob works in the garden tending to the roses and cleaning the beds and surrounding stonework.  He is a wonderful support and helps wherever he is needed.  Always up on a ladder cleaning the places we can’t reach.  We would not do without him.  He has a wife and one daughter, 22-months old called Precious.

“The Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete.”

Deuteronomy 16:15